Why Choose Us

Girl Gainz introduces an exceptional protein-based product range for women who want to improve their overall body size the healthy way. Our goal is to address the lack of information and poor awareness surrounding naturally skinny women who want to gain weight and maintain a healthy body mass. Our products are tasty, enriched with nutrition and available in vegan and non-vegan options.


While society places much emphasis on slim being beautiful, for women who desire shapeliness and possess a thinner frame and body, there is much disdain and underlying emotional turmoil that rarely comes to light. Studies have shown that women who are thin or underweight are at higher risk of depression and anxiety. Many young women are also subject to bullying at school or in the workplace. Inspired to make a change, our Girl Gainz founder created a healthy and proven way to gain the weight you need without adopting unhealthy habits. Having assisted hundreds of thousands of women who wished to gain weight and transform their physical shape, Girl Gainz continues to grow as the most popular and exciting supplement to increase your weight!

We are About Innovation and Inclusion

Many protein powders on the market today are created for men or exclusively for bodybuilding communities. These products come in various flavors that are artificial or too bland to enjoy. Not only have we sourced the finest premium blend ingredients and protein, but we also focused on creating the very best tasting powder solutions you can add to enhance the flavor of your foods.

From our vegan to our non-vegan range, we never compromise on quality and consistency. Our exciting products will help you gain weight while learning of healthy ingredients and a balanced lifestyle.

At Girl Gainz, we believe in empowering and unifying women. Through our ever-growing community, we continue to educate and create exceptional awareness surrounding healthy weight gain and the selection of the very best ingredients. We encourage acceptance, exercise and a balanced diet helping you maintain a beautifully transformed body.

With Girl Gainz, you can improve your size without the guilt and without the risk of creating unhealthy habits. Gain weight in all the right places and achieve your physical goals the Girl Gainz Way!