Shipping and Delivery

Order your body mass and muscle building supplement for women online at the Girl Gainz store! To learn more about our shipping policies, read our shipping and delivery requirements below or contact us for more information!

Do I have to Create an Account to Make a Purchase with Girl Gainz?

Yes, you need to create an online account with us to ensure your personal details are verified. This includes your name and address for shipping and contact purposes.

Do you ship to international destinations?

Yes! Girl Gainz proudly ships worldwide. For custom shipping options, please contact us and we can advise on the steps to follow and whether your destination is a part of our approved list of delivery locations.

How long does it take to ship my purchase?

Once you have placed your order and we have received payment, your package will be prepared and shipped within 24 to 48 hours. The length of time taken to receive your order will depend on the select carrier and the target destination. Shipping includes 3 to 5 business days, but delivery times will depend on your location.

Is it Legal to Have My Supplements Ordered and Shipped Online?

Yes, Girl Gainz only uses approved ingredients and premium protein. It is perfectly legal to purchase our products and have it shipped to your destination.

Will I be Charged Extra for My Shipping?

We use a flat rate shipping fee for our local customers. You will be required to pay a small fee separate to your supplement purchase to cover the cost of shipping from our delivery service. International customers will receive a quotation based on where in the world the product will be shipped to.

Please note: Girl Gainz does not include costs for import duties and tax issued by your country.

Can I Track My Purchase?

Yes, once your product has been paid for and shipped, you can use the tracking number issued to stay up to date of where your product is. Through your online account with us, you can also remain up to date of where your purchase is.



Is Your Protein Powder Safe for Daily Consumption?

Yes, you can add our special Girl Gainz supplements to your breakfast, lunch or dinner or even a delicious smoothie! Made from real food ingredients, you receive a highly nutritious solution you can depend on for healthy and safe weight gain.

Will Your Products Cause Fat Gain?

Our products have been developed with high quality proteins and low fat carbohydrates. This means you receive all the benefits to build and bulk muscle without adding fat in all the wrong places.

Will Using Girl Gainz Protein Powder Cause Any Adverse Reactions in Women?

Our protein powders have been developed for women by an incredible woman, our founder who created the Girl Gainz supplement. Our solutions will not cause any adverse effects in women and will provide a safe, simple and an effective way to add more calories to your diet and help you improve your weight. It is an approved supplement and formulation that does not contain the masculine ingredients or hormone influencing elements. Before starting any new supplement, always consult with your medical doctor first especially if you are taking prescription medication.

Will this Supplement Cause Craving?

No, as our protein powder is developed with all food ingredients and high quality protein, it will keep you feeling fuller for longer. You can rely on our supplements to reduce cravings and help boost your energy through the course of the day.

Can I Build Muscle with this Product?

Yes, with our premium protein and nutritious blend, we can help you gain weight by building muscle through exercise. Our products have been created to help you take in more calories that what you burn. This means exercising with weights and resistance to accelerate your mass and muscle development without the unwanted fat.

Is the Girl Gainz Protein Powder Available in Different Flavors?

Our protein powders can be purchased in a range of flavors. We present the best flavoured protein supplement in the market!

Do You Sell Protein Powder for Vegans?

Yes, we sell vegan products. Our exclusive vegan range is free from animal by-products but contains the same quality protein sources for those much desired Girl Gainz.

Will I Experience the Jitters if I Take the Supplement without Working Out?

No, our supplement is created with whole food ingredients. When you consume our protein based products you will feel full and more energized, not shaky or jittery.

Can this Product Replace My Daily Vitamin Supplement?

Our protein supplements contain premium protein with additional nutrients to strengthen your body and build muscle. The extra calories can help you can weight but it is not a vitamin or immune boosting supplement. If you wish to take a while vitamin supplement, speak to your physician about a specific vitamin solution.


Do You Ship Outside of the US?

Yes, we ship worldwide!

What is the Cost for Global Shipping?

Girl Gainz incorporates the cost of the product and shipping into your quote upon checkout. We are not responsible for the cost of import duties and added tax as issued by your country. 

Are Your Products Guaranteed?

Yes, we offer an exciting guarantee on every product you purchase from us. Please visit our Product Guarantee Page for more information.