Build the Strong, Fit Body You Have Always Dreamed of

Girl Gainz is an exciting and trusted community for women who wish to gain weight. Having helped over 100k women healthily increase their weight, we continue to deliver a range of innovative products with premium ingredients allowing you to bulk up to your desired size. We are all about health and doing things the right way. We also understand how hard it can be to gain weight and to add muscle when most products focus on weight loss. Having started in 2015, our aim is to uplift all women looking for the greatest gainz only with Girl Gainz.

The Truth About Being Skinny

Studies have shown being underweight is linked to higher rates of depression and life dissatisfaction. This is especially true if you have been trying to gain weight without successful results. What is more limiting, is the lack of information that is available for women who want to add size in a healthy way. In a world obsessed with weight loss, it becomes difficult to find reliable resources in support of weight gain for women. Fortunately, Girl Gainz is here to change the way we see and think about weight gain!

About Our Girl Gainz Protein Products:

Our Protein power is clean made with real food (spectra)ensuring you receive the most valuable nutrients every time you use our product. We only offer the very best tasting protein powder! Providers of a premium protein powder, we have researched the ingredients and the values you need to help with weight gain and muscle mass without compromising on taste. You Spoke and We Listend. We Introduce Girl Gainz Vegan and Non-Vegan Products At Girl Gainz we believe in choice and offer both a vegan and a non-vegan product range. Go on! Get the Gainz you have always dreamed of with a leading protein solution for women.


At Girl Gainz, we recognize how the industry of fitness is saturated with weight loss products and weight gain solutions for men. It has been our aim to develop a line of products for women who wish to improve their weight easily and with only the highest quality ingredients, only the best flavors and a versatile product you can use everywhere. The consumption of high fat foods and lack of a controlled diet in an attempt to gain weight simply results in added mass in all the wrong places. It may also increase risk of chronic disease from diabetes to high cholesterol. Our goal was to create a leading brand our customers could put their faith in to help them bulk in a healthier, smarter and rewarding manner. It is our mission to continue to grow as a well-recognized, all-inclusive and supportive weight gain community of women.