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Dominique Rose

I’ve been using the macaroot and vanilla protein powder for about a month. I’ve gained 16 pounds so far. Thank you girl gainz!

Heavyn Wilburn

The macaroot makes you hungry but also helped with my cramps. I’ve gained 5 pounds so far .. this is week two.

Whitney M.

First of all the shipping was quicker than Amazon. My package shipped the same day! So excited to start this weight gain journey.

Alana H.

Finally something for weight gain that works. I’m only taking the protein powder bc I hate pills. I’ve gain 12 pounds so far I drink 2 bulk it up smoothies a day.

Akeria K.

Can I just say that the macaroot capsules have alleviated my menstrual cramps to the point didn't even realize I started it today! I feel great thank this is some good stuff

Aisha A.

Hi, I recently stumbled across your page and bought the sample vegan flavors. For the first time I was able to drink a high calorie protein shake without feeling sick to my stomach . It was light and easy to drink . I bought the full size and it should be coming today. Thank you!

Ashley B.

I tried the Macro Root for a few weeks and I HAVE BOOBS AGAIN!!!! PLUS Weight gain....You guys are Incredible!!!! Thank you Thank you

Keondra Lee

Hi there ! I wont take up too much of your time but your protein powder is honestly the best one I've tried. I love that it's also a meal replacement and I cant even taste the powder when make my protein shakes !! bought it and the maca root capsules !! think your products will be the best purchase I have made as I work towards my weight gain journey and target weight of 135 !! Thank you so much !!

Ruby Rosa

I just wanted to tell you that absolutely love the protein powder its super light & easy to blend with my milk, no thick consistency I've gained 5 lbs already and i just started drinking them on Tuesday

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